Facility Hours:

M-Th 5:30am – 8:30pm
Friday 5:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am – 2:00pm

Physical Therapy Hours:

M-Th 8:00am – 7:00pm
Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm


Alexandria Lee


Kaelyn Cary
Jill Eisentrout                                                                      Kate Hensley
Amy Johnson                                                                        Megan Rowles
Jen Wages

Billing/Insurance Manager:

Joanna Jenkins

Address and phones


I want to join! How do I do it?

Just call 540-459-7772 for signup information or stop by the front desk and say, “I want to join!” At signup, you will complete a contract, medical history and liability form.

How do I pay?

At signup, you will pay the prorated and initiation fee. The following month, the membership dues will be auto drafted from an account of your choosing. Monthly fees are automatically debited on the 5th of each month from a checking account or credit card. Unfortunately, due to state regulations, we are unable to accept pain-in-full memberships of any length.

How do I stop my membership?

If you need to deactivate your membership, please keep in mind the deadline for any deactivations or changes to the accounts for the following month is the 28th at 3pm. Stop by the front desk to pay the $15 deactivation fee and sign the deactivation paperwork. If you return within two years, the initiation fee will not need to be paid at sign up.

I've never used those machines before, and I might not be able to figure them out. Will I have some help?

You’ll be seen by a physical therapist for an evaluation to review your medical history, range of motion and flexibility. Your therapist and trainer will then help you develop a workout plan to fit your level of fitness experience and your physical condition.
During your workout sessions, your trainer will teach you how to exercise correctly, to maintain your workout log and to maximize your workout to meet your fitness goals.
Every six to eight weeks, you are eligible for a fitness review with a trainer. This is part of your membership, and you may schedule this appointment at the front desk.
If you want to continue with one-on-one personal training, sessions are available for purchase. Inquire at the front desk for more information, including payment and scheduling.

May I bring a guest with me?

Each member is entitled to six guest passes each calendar year. A guest pass is $12 per visit.

I'm feeling musculoskeletal pain, and I'm not sure how to continue with my workout?

Please mention this to the front desk. You are entitled to a fitness consult with a physical therapist who can assess your condition and let you know how to proceed.

Are there any discounts?

25% discounts for active clergy, fire & rescue and police.

If you have questions please contact us

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